2:15 PM

Why I'm Slacking With Updates

I'm relaunching Hitched.

I started the site four years ago and am finally going to properly market it and the whole shebang.

Between work, school, picking up my piano and trumpet again, and frantically trying to best design a memorable media kit, I am definitely not the lazybones I once dreamed of being. That said, I have August off from classes, so it's just a few more weeks of insanity. So there.

Oh, and before I go, in some random excitement, here's me playing live for the first time in nearly ten years (with Bellevue).



Anyway, wish me launch luck. See you in August!

9:53 PM

A Quick Update

So I haven't updated in way too long. It's been a crazy couple of weeks.

(1) Jen got hitched! Her wedding was absolutely fabulous -- her family is awesome and her friends were so super nice. I don't think it could've been a better day, there were a gazillion hilarious moments followed by a zillion touching moments. The charming and adorable Mr. and Mrs. Byck most certainly have many silly, happy, sweet years of loveyness ahead. Yay!
(2) We did some super fun work events. They've been a riot -- lots of craziness, but also lots of fun. I really love our team of girls, and am sad that our adorable Miss Bianca will be leaving soon (though still, yes, thrilled for her for going back to grad school, whee!).
(3) I got to visit my sister and see her house for the first time. I saw my Nani and Papa and my mom and it was awesome.
(4) I have developed an unholy fixation on Age of Love. Especially Mary's constant crying.Why does she have to leave?
(5) My piano arrived! I've been playing it pretty much constantly since. I kind of forgot how very amazing music can be. Le dreamy, dreamy sigh.

That's it. I am back on track now.

6:23 PM


I am crazy excited. Today was my official three year anniversary at work. In addition to a delicious lunch with two of our owners -- risotto, appies, champagne, and dessert were involved -- I was thrilled to learn that I will soon be the proud new owner of my current obsession.

LOVE. I haven't had a proper piano to play in ten years after playing for sixteen straight. No, it's not a piano, but it's the greatest weighted-keyed and -- as my sister described it -- most perfect after-shaky-authentic-piano-sounded keyboard in the whole world.

It should be in my hot little hands in a week or so. I feel like the luckiest girl evah.