11:14 PM

On the Move

So we got the place on Thursday. Came here. Cleaned. Went home at midnight. (Despite being annoyed that the former owners didn't clean as much as I would have, I didn't hate them because they left us unopened booze. Darlings!)

Got up Friday at 6:45. Did some work, got ready, met the painters at the door (they were here before me, eeks!). They worked their asses off all day long while Dave and I cleaned our heads off. New sectional arrived! Went home at 11:30.

Got up Saturday at 8:30. Arrived here within the hour. Cleaned madly, madly, madly. New bed arrived! Put it together. Left at 10:30, finally satisfied with how everything looked, convinced that we were ready to move in.

Got up today at 7. Finished final bits of packing, got ready, drank coffee (rarely do this!), piled all the boxes at the front of the apartment so moving would be easier. Came to the new place. Did some final cleaning while the boys moved everything over here. Went to get boys beer. Arrived back in half an hour to discover that those wonderful, wonderful men had finished the job (huge freight elevator lands right next door to us, whee!). Got McDonalds for hungry boys. Bid boys adieu. Unpacked maniacally all day long. Did laundry! User dishwasher! Admired setup! Have about ten boxes left to unpack and am so dead on my feet. Last photo of me in the old place below, super crazy psyched to be getting the hell out.

Holy CRAP. Moving was always a pain in the ass, but I had no clue how obsessed I'd be with things being perfect this time around. Yeesh. Our new mattress arrives tomorrow -- just have to get some new bedding and the place will be all in order.

I am so wiped out and my feet are positively aching, but holy crap. I am thrilled.