7:49 PM

Nerdliness is Next to Godliness

Eee! I started my PhD this week. Flex time. Faculty of Information. U of T.

I can't explain how much it ruled. We talked about philosophies and methologies and grant applications and research and ahhhh! I can't even believe how lucky I am to get to do this kind of thing. Dreamy.

I have my own little office at the university! It's overlooking Spadina. I swear to you, it is nicer than my work office, which - while more spacious - overlooks a parking lot and the 427.

I have a supervisor, who is super smart and has really great positive energy. She also took me to the adorable Faculty Club to celebrate my beginning this thrilling challenge!


I wish to be a nerd forever. Or at least for the next six to eight years. Hah.


dinah34 said...

an office?!?! wowzers, you've hit the big time.

congrats foxy!

Charms said...

Congratulations! I hadn't heard that you were doing this, but I'm not surprised in the last. You're one of the smartest cookies I know! Enjoy every minute of it.

Brianne said...

Mmm, philosophy and methodology, *shiver*. I love me some nerdliness too. Enjoy!!

Foxy Renard said...

Yay, I will! Thanks, ladies!